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Modern diagnosis of haematological diseases including haemoglobinopathies, haemostasis, haemochromatosis and leukaemias and lymphomas relies on the integration of phenotypic and genotypic information. Genomic technologies are rapidly evolving, advance our understanding of the biology of the underlying diseases and require validation for use in routine diagnostics.​

The aims of our laboratory are two-fold:

  • to provide a modern state of the art integrated specialist diagnostic service for patients with haematological diseases within the UK. This is our NHS deliverable.
  • to advance diagnostics of these conditions by developing and validating new technologies and translating them into modern healthcare environment. This is our BRC objective.

To access the Integrated Reports Website please click on:  http://oxfordir.oxnet.nhs.uk

NB. It only works from an NHS networked (N3) computer.



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