TP53 mutation testing using NGS for CLL - Janssen

The Oxford Molecular Diagnostics Centre is pleased to be working with Janssen as an approved testing centre to facilitate access to TP53 mutation testing using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia patients. 

For further information about the financial support that Janssen can provide to Institutions that wish to test CLL patients for TP53 mutations using NGS please contact the Janssen Health Economy Liaison Manager for the Thames Valley Region Thames Valley region: Manmohan Singh You will only be able to access this Janssen funded service once you have a Medical and Education Goods and Services (MEGS) contract in place with Janssen. 

Details of the NGS TP53 test specification that the Oxford MDC provides can be found here

The sample request form for TP53 mutation testing by NGS can be found here

Please circle the appropriate request in the Janssen TP53 NGS test for CLL reimbursement box only if you have signed a MEGS contract with Janssen for this service.

By sending us a sample and the completed request form you will be entering into an agreement based on our standard terms and condition. The standard terms and conditions for the Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust Haematology Laboratory can be found here 

TP53 reports are available online by access to a secure website on: (NB. This can only be accessed from an NHS networked (N3) computer). Users must first register for access. For all queries on how to apply for access please contact

Specific enquires about a sample or result being carried out by the Oxford MDC should be directed to

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